Environmental Policy Statement

As the entity carrying on business in the United Kingdom, Voice-Care International Ltd is providing this statement.

The aim of our environmental policy is to undertake a responsible business approach designed to minimise our impact on the environment.

We are committed to meeting and indeed exceeding regulatory expectations in terms of best practice environmental requirements.

Our primary goal is to strive for continual improvements with regard to our environmental management system in order to help prevent pollution and minimise waste creation.

We therefore seek to manage our processes, materials and staff in order to reduce the environmental impact associated with our site.

Key Points of Our Environmental Strategy:

•    Remove, reduce, reuse and recycle raw materials, generated waste and packaging

•    Reduce the environmental impact of the overall business

•    Improve the efficiency of energy usage

•    Continuous evaluation of operations to ensure that they are efficient thus minimising waste

•    Actively promote recycling both internally amongst staff and externally amongst our customers and suppliers

•    Source and promote product ranges which minimise environmental impact both in terms of production and distribution

•    Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to the company

The policy was last updated March 2023, and authorised by:

Philip Jarrett
Executive Director
Voice-Care International Ltd

Keith Hardy
Executive Director
Voice-Care International Ltd