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May 1st, 2024

Voice-Care Partner Interview: Daniel McDonnell, Senior Sales Manager at Jabra

Welcome to the first of our Voice-Care Partner interviews!

The Voice-Care Partner Ecosystem comprises of leading companies within their respective fields, whose market-leading and progressive technologies enable the creation of ground-breaking Voice-Care solutions, designed to transform and enhance patient safety and care throughout any hospital or clinical environment.

For this inaugural interview we spoke with Daniel McDonnell, Senior Sales Manager EMEA at Jabra, to find out his thoughts on all things Voice-Care.

1.       How long have you been in your current role at Jabra?

I have been with Jabra for 7 years; for the past 6 years, I have been responsible for developing our business in the frontline worker market segment across the EMEA region.

2.       Can you tell us more about the nature of Jabra’s business?

Jabra is a GN-owned brand and GN is listed on the Nasdaq in Copenhagen. GN was founded in 1869 and for 155 years has developed technology to bring people closer. Over the past several years, we have repositioned from mainly being perceived as a hearing aid company to being a broader technology innovation company. Today, we develop and market innovative hearing aids for people with hearing loss; headsets, speakerphones, and video gear for collaboration at work; a broad range of gear for gaming enthusiasts; and true wireless earbuds for music, calls, and an active lifestyle – all products and solutions that truly bring people closer.

3.       What does your role within Jabra involve?

I am part of our Global Audio Business Unit with responsibility for developing the frontline worker market segment. We are the world’s leading enterprise audio brand for knowledge workers and want to build on the credibility this position gives us in other areas. The frontline worker market segment is a relatively new one for us and will create further growth potential beyond our core enterprise audio, headset, speakerphone, and expanding video businesses. My role is a diverse one encompassing strategy and execution – taking our solutions to market, while also providing critical customer and market feedback to our product and R&D teams to enable us to innovate further in the future.

4.       How long have you known the team at Voice-Care?

Our first conversations with the team at Voice-Care were in the summer of 2022. It’s been a great experience to get to know and collaborate with the team and see the solution develop to where we are today. I see a lot of similarities between the goals of Voice-Care to transform patient care and GN’s core values to listen, challenge and transform. The Voice-Care team have a laser focus on the customer and it’s been great to see firsthand the energy and passion they bring to what they do, day in, day out.

5.       What is your opinion of the range of Voice-Care solutions?

At Jabra we focus on being a dedicated and trusted partner with a collaborative approach to business. It has been great to see the way in which Voice-Care has taken our world-leading expertise and technologies in audio and combined this with both their in-depth knowledge of the healthcare sector and voice-directed workflows to create a truly unique solution for the healthcare sector. Voice-directed workflows – where intelligibility is critical - require a high-quality headset and microphone which is where our world-leading expertise in audio plays a critical role.

6.       What do you believe are Voice-Care’s specific USPs?

There are many benefits with the Voice-Care solution. For me, the ability for a caregiver to focus their attention solely on the patient using a voice solution, meaning they can be ‘heads up and hands-free’ is key.

7.       How do you believe Voice-Care has the potential to enable positive change within the healthcare sector, specifically in terms of patient safety and care?

Voice-Care is an easy-to-use solution which takes caregivers through step-by-step instructions. This means standardised processes are followed ensuring 100% compliance, medication is administered correctly and speaking data out loud means accurate patient observations are recorded in real-time.

8.       And finally, what do you hope the future holds for Jabra’s relationship with Voice-Care?

It is exciting to work with a partner who has the vision to apply their knowledge of voice technology to a customer base they know extremely well. At Jabra, we have a collaborative approach to important eco-systems and strategic partnerships, and Voice-Care is a great example of this in action. As we continue to innovate with our audio solutions, I see lots of areas where we can strengthen our relationship to deliver new solutions in healthcare. We are really excited about what the future holds for our partnership with Voice-Care.


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