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July 8th, 2024

Voice-Care Wins ‘Best Healthcare Technology Solution of the Year’ Category in the Health Tech Digital Awards 2024 for its Surgical Workflow Application

Health Tech Digital Awards 2024 Winner - Voice-Care Surgical WorkflowVoice-Care International Ltd is delighted to announce it has won the ‘Best Healthcare Technology Solution of the Year’ Category in the Health Tech Digital Awards 2024 for its Surgical Workflow Application.

The Voice-Care Surgical Workflow Application has been developed in accordance with the WHO, LocSSIPs and NatSSIPs Checklists, alongside surgical clinicians, Heads of Governance and ICUs following discussions regarding Surgical Safety Checklists.

It enables the verbal recording of any checklist before, during and after a procedure, instantly recording and uploading notes to the patient record directly from the point of care. By using voice commands, the solution guides teams through a specific procedure via a set list of questions, continually capturing critical procedural and patient information and data to ensure 100% compliance and standardisation, accurate, accessible record-keeping and the elimination of human factor issues to enhance and improve positive patient outcomes.

Delivering a suite of voice-enabled ground-breaking applications and solutions specifically designed to progressively transform patient safety and care, Voice-Care enables greater staff satisfaction, increased safety and ensures 100% compliance with standardised processes and procedures through the prioritisation and management of the administration of medicines and patient observations through the use of voice-directed technology.

Allowing users to work hands and eyes free, Voice-Care is an easy to use, low-cost and dynamic digital solution which uses two-way speech commands and a custom-built scheduling system, addressing the need to simplify the recording of patient observations directly from the bedside in real time. It also enables clinicians and caregivers to maintain eye contact with the patient, enabling more personalised engagement levels without having to refer to paper notes or documents.

Supporting integration with existing hospital systems, the solution can also be reconfigured and developed to suit the demands of any healthcare application wherever there needs to be compliant inspections or a patient/carer scenario.

With the ability to add photos, live stream ‘how to’ videos and record free speech at the end of the observation process, all information is accurately captured in real time, ensuring a consistent and immediate information flow between relevant clinicians and staff without the need to manually record notes, saving valuable time and reducing carbon footprint.

An accompanying Voice-Care secure mobile phone app ensures that next of kin with the correct security settings have real time access to patient updates and progress, reducing the pressure on front-line staff to handle inbound phone calls from concerned relatives which ultimately takes them away from carrying out important tasks and care plans, helping to keep patient care at the heart of everything they do.

Philip Jarrett, Executive Director at Voice-Care comments, “We are absolutely delighted that our Surgical Workflow Application has been recognised in the Health Tech Digital Awards 2024. This is testament to the huge amount of work and effort that has gone into making Voice-Care the solution that it is today. As a business, we are passionate about patient safety and care, and are delighted that the solution will go a long way in improving both of these elements within any hospital or clinical setting, helping nurses, doctors and clinicians effectively manage the care which they give to their patients, especially in light of the ongoing staff shortages within the NHS.”  

The Voice-Care Partner Ecosystem comprises of leading companies within their respective fields, including Zebra Technologies, Jabra, Infor, Tappable, Apex Systems, Nuance and Lydia Voice, a solution of the EPG Ehrhardt Partner Group, a global leader and expert in voice-directed solutions.

Keith Hardy, Executive Director at Voice-Care concludes, “This is a fantastic win for us as a business. Despite being a relatively newly formed company, Voice-Care is backed by decades of experience within the healthcare sector, and we are delighted to have been recognised in the prestigious Health Tech Digital Awards 2024.”

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